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There is a site called Plinky that provides prompts for bloggers, a service which could be very useful to bloggers who don’t blog, like me. I’m now signed up, so we’ll see how that goes; I’m not sure how in-depth my answers to questions like, “what food could you eat for the rest of your life?” will be, but shallow posts are better than no posts, so…. Maybe something like that will kick this blog into motion. It has pretty much rolled to a halt after a mere two posts, which is pretty sad, even by my standards. Anyway, I think my answers to the questions Plinky poses are supposed to show up on this blog.


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Focusing (or trying to)

Is it easier to write with a specific focus in mind, or without one? I can’t help thinking that I need a topic for this blog, something to provide some boundaries in the infinite pool of things to blog about, but that might be because I’ve had it drilled into my head that writing must have a focus. Writing itself is usually more effective if it is focused, I think, but is it necessary to give a blog a focus before posting? If it is, I’ve broken that rule, although not very severely since this is my second post, following one written months ago. Writing for school is different from writing on your own anyway. When I’m writing an essay on the role of religion in Mesopotamian civilization, or something similar, I tend to think more about whether the requirements are being met than about whether I’ve written anything that is actually meaningful. It probably shouldn’t be that way, and it isn’t always; I suppose it depends on the teacher and the class. Writing outside of school (or, sometimes, work) has to be meaningful, because you are doing it for a reason other than to get a good grade (or, in the case of work, to get paid). That doesn’t answer the question about having a focus in mind for the blog, but I guess it might appear on its own after a few posts. There can be more than one, too. I won’t just metablog, I promise.

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First Post

The first post on a blog is, I think, the hardest to write. That might not be true for everyone, especially if the blog gathers a following which raises the bar for the author later on, but it certainly seems that way now. I’ve been putting off this post for a while, but it is impossible to start a blog without a post that acknowledges itself as a first. Well, maybe not impossible, but probably awkward. Everything needs an introduction. So, hello! I am a young female living in a remote corner of the world with time on my hands, with which it would be nice to do something sort of productive. This isn’t the first blog I’ve started, but it’s a clean slate, and I hope it eventually becomes something worth reading.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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